The Four Elements float in the great crystal sphere that houses The Drift feeding from its boundless energy and battling each other in a ceaseless fight for dominance. The world of Altair is made out of and fed by remnants these elements, left as they try to break through Alor’s protective barrier and destroy the planet.

In magic each element is tied to emotions, many conflicting, and strong manifestations of those emotions call forth the power of the associated element.


Fire, burning and all consuming, is one of the few elements that manifests on Altair as pure destructive force. It is the job of the races of Altair to harness it’s power for their own good.

Fire feeds off the element of Wind with uncontrollable hunger but is quickly doused by Earth and Water.

Fire is the element of anger, hatred, and passion.


Wind, patient and ever-present, is the most abundant of the elements on Altair. It is often soft and calm but can whip up furious storms and dangerous gales in the flash of an eye.

Wind moves Water with ease, using Water in its furious storms. Fire consumes Air easily, and Earth stands strong against its push.

Wind is the element of hope, love, and patience.


Water, constantly changing and suffocating, covers much of the surface of Altair. It’s depths hold many mysteries, inaccessible to the beings of Altair. The seas threaten to swallow ships that cross them with no warning.

Water douses fire easily, but at the cost of being evaporated itself. Earth drinks up water but, with time, water wears it down to nothingness and washes it away. Air moves water around easily.

Water is the element of sorrow, loss, and calm.


Earth, strong and unmoving, is home to the races and species of Altair. It can heave up and crush the unsuspecting, fooled by it’s solid state.

Earth is impenetrable by Fire’s hunger, but Water changes it with time and Air can move Water to combat Earth’s heavy shield.

Earth is the element of determination, stubbornness, and arrogance.


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