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Alor’s Beginnings

At the beginning of time there was the Drift. The Drift was pure energy, all that could or would ever exist. Within the Drift, the four elements came into existence and gained sentience. At once the battle between the elements began, each pulling the energy of the drift to itself to grow larger and stronger. Where the four elements met, the energy gathered, siphoned through them, and formed into Alor, the planet of Altair and her protective psyche.

Where the elements collided, the energies formed beings. Mighty creatures of mind and magic were formed and snuffed out in what seemed like an instant. Alor was distraught to see such harm coming to these beautiful creations born of such terror. In time the four most powerful creations joined to defend the others and, in giving their lives, allowed Alor to draw in and protect the few whom she could. In this way the Great Old Gods died saving the Wards of Alor, the Gods of Altair.

As the elements drew in more of the Drift their blows became more powerful still. Soon their strikes created the planes and planets which exist outside of Alor’s protective heart. Alor, exhausted, became dormant, using all her remaining energy to protect her adopted children while the Drift struck against her protective barrier and the elements raged. The four corpse gods floated, forever guarding their first and final battleground.

Main Page

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